Executive Assistant to CEO


I joined Forum for the Future’s London office in January 2019 as an Executive Assistant to our Chief Executive, Sally Uren. I work to ensure the smooth running of the Chief Executive’s office. 

I graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies, part of the University of London, with a BA in Politics and Economics. More specifically, I researched the changing nature of religious nationalism in Saudi Arabia and the ways in which the state, women, and the youth have affected that change. 

Since then, I have spent several years working around the world in different sectors. I began in Austria with adventure tourism, then the food sector in New Zealand, finally overseeing architecture and urban renovations in Portugal and, throughout this time, returning to the heart of the USA's summer camping industry. At the conclusion of these five years' working travels, I came home to London, hoping to bridge my concerns for the environment, politics, and the future in a sustainability-focused career.

What's your dream project?

Forum for the Future is an international organisation that works across different countries, which makes it the ideal workplace. How can we work with organisations, civil society, and the governments of authoritative oil-rich nations? My dream project would relate to the implementation of systems change within countries that have complex social, economic, and political concerns relating to the enduring power of fossil fuels. 

What floats my boat?

I have a love for hiking and skiing. One of my favourite destinations is the Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. I also love to cook. I am constantly trying new recipes and reading about food history, basing many international trips around potential meals. I am an avid city walker and enjoy exploring any metropolis on foot.  

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